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Piano and Orchestral scores
Mark Bisson
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United Kingdom

Since 1993 I have been a classroom music teacher at Peebles High School in the Scottish Borders. Most of my scores were composed for, and road tested in the school including classroom arrangements or music for the school orchestra or ceilidh band. My music is mostly Christmas themed as that is generally the time of year I find myself composing music for.

MAKE YOUR OWN VERSIONS If you would prefer the Sibelius files so that you can edit and adapt them to your own needs please email me and this can be arranged. You can buy some of the the files, if you have paypal, here:

You can also see scrolling videos of some of the scores at my Youtube channel, also listed below.

PERFORMANCE AND PHOTOCOPYING I freely give my permission to make as many copies of parts etc. as needed and would be delighted to have any of my music performed (there is no charge)but please tell me how it went!